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Featured Article: A Fond Farewell to the Absolute Predator, Jerred Smithson

By Dan Bradley, Predlines.com

This year however, he’s largely been relieved of his defensive duties by Nick Spaling and company. His talents have been deemed surplus, and he’s been healthy scratched more and more after picking up Brandon Yip off of waivers, and even saw his minutes dip after the arrival of Gabriel Bourque.There was nothing flashy about Jerred Smithson. Just a tough-as-nails guy who did what the coach told him to do. Not the most talented, not the fastest, you get the idea… he was a pure grinder. Smithson was there at the turn of the franchise. His first year in Nashville was that special 2005 team that following the lockout was a solid step forward under Coach Trotz, and guys like Smithson were the key to his style. Last year Jerred was depended on for leadership and stability, and he gave exactly that.

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