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I’m just gonna get this out now…. By Greg Moshopoulos

By @GreekGoalie35

As someone who is serious about radio and the broadcasting business in general, it’s shameful and embarrassing how a station can claim to cover ‘sports’ and almost never talk about the SUCCESSFUL, PROFESSIONAL franchise in the market, your Nashville Predators. Even when they do, it’s typically to mock TV ratings or the fans in general.

I’ve called them out in the past about their lack of coverage, and the response I got was appalling. I was actually told that if the Preds wanted to get some air time, they should call and book interviews with players to come on. Pardon me, but if you produce a THREE HOUR radio show, shouldn’t you be the one contacting the team?… That’s part of your job, is it not?

I’m a reasonable person, so I don’t expect you guys to be experts on everything NHL or even talk about other teams. But shouldn’t you at least TRY and talk about your local pro hockey team that’s going to the playoffs AGAIN? A team that sold out 35 home games, with 99.2% attendance for the season? When was the last time the Titans were relevant enough to have that kind of attendance beyond Thanksgiving? And yet, here you are talking about the WORST team in the NFL, over one of the more consistent NHL teams of the last decade, who reside right in your own backyard.

The only reasoning I can think of is that you cater yourself to the least common denominator of listeners. This allows you to become lazy and can sleepwalk your way through show after show of mind-numbing coverage of the dumpster fire that is the Titans.

We at PredNeckNation were the first (even before their flagship) to put together a one-hour pregame show. Even with minimal breaks, it’s not enough to fully go into detail about everything heading into that night’s match-up. Try doing only a one-hour pregame for your precious Titans games and see how much you’d miss.

This probably won’t change a thing and you’ll still consider the Preds an afterthought at best, but if this only reaches the 17,113+ who attend games at Bridgestone Arena, it will be a success. As long as they know there are other options in the area to get coverage of Nashville’s ONLY playoff-bound pro team.

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