Mosh’s Monday Musings

First off, Happy Halloween to everyone. Welcome to the second edition of my musings where I tell you exactly what I think about everything Preds in more than 140 characters.

  • Nashville went 0-2-1 on the California portion of the CMA road trip. Coincidentally, those numbers match the amount of hours I slept following each game
  • Anaheim.. Shut up, you still lost game 7 at home last season to the Preds on your home ice. That being said, guys…. WTF was that on Wednesday? I would’ve shut it off and hit the sack, but I was legit wondering if the Ducks were gonna reach 10.
  • Much better vs the Kings the following night, but could it have been worse? Predictably, the team played pretty solid defensively until the 3rd when LA dominated. Lucky to escape with a point
  • If you’re a gambler, just bank on Jeff Carter scoring against the Preds in every game. He ranks up there historically with Kesler and Iginla as Pred killers.
  • It took till game 8 for even ONE of our top three forwards to register a goal on the season. Still waiting on Forsberg and Johansen.
  • Scarier than the team’s struggles, or kids dressed as presidential candidates tonight, was Arvidsson taking Fisher’s skate about an inch from his eye. Arvy missed some shifts getting repaired, but that could’ve been SO much worse.
  • Nashville has given up the first goal in seven of eight games. It makes things infinitely more difficult when you’re constantly chasing the game. In fact, since the home and home, the Preds have scored ONE first period goal.
  • Believe it or not, things should be getting better this week. Colorado, Arizona and Carolina are much less frightening than who they’ve played thus far.
  • Preds Twitter has been particularly entertaining given the frustration of the results. Not sure if it’s legit panicking or the fact it was passed some people’s bedtime…. But RELAX. It’s a long season.

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