Poile all over the map on draft

Joshua @Top6Grinder

The 2014 NHL draft is just over 24 hours away. The Nashville Predators have the following picks to draft the future with:

-Round 1: 11
-Round 2: 42, 46
-Round 3: 72
-Round 4: 102, 112
-Round 5: 132
-Round 6: 162

GM David Poile and the Predators organization have big decisions to make in the coming days.

David Poile statements leading up to the draft have been all over the map on what he plans to do. One thing he has been clear about is the fact that the Predators are in search of a top six forward.

You have to think that this desire has increased to boiling after watching his prized defenseman finish 3rd in the voting for the Norris trophy in 2014. Many think this is due to being on a non playoff team as well as not having the big guns like Kane and Toews or the steady and productive forward lines like Boston roles out nightly to work with.

Poile should also be getting concerned about how much better teams are getting in the central while the Predators seem to be at status average or you can also argue getting worse.

So what does Poile do at the draft?

My prediction is Poile trades the #11 and players in a package for a 1st/2nd line tweener Center or Left Wing

Poile wants a top forward and i think he wants to make a trade to do it to ensure he gets immediate help for the new coach he hired. Poile doesn’t want to nor can he afford to chance doing nothing and then being left at the alter with Stastny, Moulson or Vanek the first week in July.


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