Preds Vs Islanders

Preds Lackluster Against Another Top Team

By @Top6Grinder

The Nashville Predators have had huge wins over great competition this year. The likes of Tampa Bay, Washington, St. Louis, and Chicago have all been shown an L to the Preds.

The Preds have also been outplayed and looked pretty lackluster in games you would think as a statement games for the team and the rest of the league. Exibit A-D:

A. Home: Preds vs. Pens loss 3-0
B. Away: Preds vs. Wings loss 6-2
C. Home:Preds vs. Ducks loss 5-2
D. Away: Preds vs. Islanders loss 5-2

Don’t take this post the wrong way the Preds are a very good team and yes they are number #1 in the NHL for a reason. No denying that!! No, last nights loss is not the end of the world and the sudden fall of the Predators 2014-2015 season. The question is why do the Preds look silly against teams who happen to be on the top of their game as well? Is it a relaxed attitude against Eastern Conference teams other than the beating handed down by the Ducks in Nashville?

Are the Preds going to fail to raise their game against teams that are even or better than them come playoff time? Could you imagine losing game 1 in a series againt the Ducks the way they recently did in Nashville? How about game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals versus the Penguins and they get dominated 4-0? No one knows how the rest of the series would turn out but it sure isn’t a game the Preds need at any point come playoff time.

It seems like a discussion the team needs to start making unless it is going to be content with a huge let down to an amazing season. To be the best you have to prove you can beat the most talented and best on any night. Not just when #35 stands on his head.

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