Prince Filip Proves He Belongs




Colin Wilson sent Canucks fans heading for the exits with time left in the 3rd period after scoring his first goal of the year and sealing a 3-1 victory for the Nashville Predators.

Wilsons first goal finally comes after getting time on the first line after Mike Ribero drew a bad penalty for a hit to the head. A stupid penalty in a chippy game. Hopefully he learns from that mistake after seeing his ice time taken away. The Preds cannot afford to take senseless penalties especially ones that end up in with a suspension from the league.

Forsberg had the best game of his career finishing with 2 goals/1 assist/ +2 . He continues to prove he belongs and it will be interesting to see if he can continue producing like he has. If he does then we may have a star on are hands.

The Preds are 2-1 on the roadtrip. The lone loss was due to a few minutes of bad hockey to start the 3rd period in Calgary. The Preds continue the roadtrip Tuesday night against the Jets. A very important central division game the Preds need to win.

After 11 games the Preds are 1st in the division/2nd in the conference/4th in the NHL.

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