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The Acceptance Of New Fans

By John Smith (@John_Smith426)

As the Predators look to move on to the conference final there are a few things that ought to be discussed:

As a relatively new franchise, one that has had to deal with essentially being the “little brother” to division foes such as Chicago and Detroit over the years, Nashville knows all about bandwagon fans. Here’s the thing, bandwagon fans are not necessarily a bad thing and we should accept any new fan that wants to dawn the gold and blue that we hold sacred. As a kid that moved here from New York when I was entering middle school, I was able to witness first hand what the whole concept of “southern hospitality” is. There is no reason this can’t be translated to sports, too.

There has been too much negativity shown on this subject. We all complain that Nashville was on NBC once this entire regular season. A team like Chicago for example was a regular on that network, do you want to know why? It is no secret that they have 3 cups in the past 7 years, as we’re often reminded on twitter, but it is simply because of the new fans that they’ve drawn in during that time. Fans watching means ratings, and now that Nashville is finally taking off don’t be surprised to see the number of appearances the Predators have on NBC grow significantly.

Ok, now that we have covered that, this brings me to my next opinion. As open as I am to welcoming to fans into the market this comes with one request, don’t be a bad fan. Now, we can go through exactly what is and what isn’t a bad fan, or you can look at your Twitter mentions from 2 weeks ago and see what the 15 year old Hawks fans left for us. Please don’t act like that, I could never imagine a scenario where Predator fans are so obnoxious that opposing teams create ways to keep them out of the buildings during away games.

Finally for all the incoming fans, you’re in for a hell of a ride. We have such a young and talented group of guys here that could turn this into something special, so buckle up guys this is going to be really fun, let’s all come together as new fans and old, and lets prove that the Predators have some of the best fans in the world.

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