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The Last Day…

Finally! I stood on the plaza outside Bridgestone Arena & pondered what would be of the new season for the Nashville Predators. I then realized it was proper hockey weather & quickly retreated to the warmth of my car where I sat double parked watching the beginnings of a line form as people had come out to buy tickets. I had a few thoughts on the team & the upcoming shortened season that begins tomorrow. Before the madness begins, a little fun must be had!



This is the last day…

-For David Legwand to enjoy peace (why do you hate him so much?)

-For Shea Weber to have to wait to start dealing with hockey & not business.

-For Mike Fisher to carry a purse.

-For Pekka Rinne to get any rest.

-For Roman Josi & Ryan Ellis to have to wait to step up.

-For Chris Mason to wait to be cheered at Bridgestone Arena for the 1st time in a while.

-For Barry Trotz to get his eye brows in tune.


Feel free to add to the list with your own Last Day…..

“Crazy” Charlie Saunier

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