Whatever Happened to Crazy Charlie?

You would be amazed how many thoughts a person can have while falling from 12ft.
So, have you been wondering what exactly happened to me & why I disappeared this time? Well, we go back to Aug 31stwhen in preparation for the coming hockey season, I was preparing my home &  yard for the winter. As part of the process, the gutters needed to be cleaned & like many of you, I left it until the end of the list. With the job almost done, I decided it would be a good idea to go up on an extension ladder further than necessary, without a spotter, & in a light drizzle.

You would be amazed how many thoughts a person can have while falling from 12ft. I considered several emergency options including tearing the gutters down to slow my fall, but in the end,  it was a hard landing on a deck with nothing to slow my decent. I got up & went to the hospital and, it turns out, I broke 3 vertebrae in my lower back & did damage to some other areas as well. So there I was laying in Centennial Hospital looking out the window at The Preds Practice Facility as training camp was opening & realizing it was as close as I would get to the team in 2013. When I went home, running a hockey site as well as every other aspect of my life was put on hold. While I will not be able to attend games, I am happy to to tell you that today I am healthy enough to return to covering hockey for Prednecknation- at least from the studio.

It will be a long recovery, but I look forward to the challenge. Thanks for all the positive thoughts along the way, I will be releasing details on the new team & how it will work this season soon.


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